Private security company “Khirs” always recruiting set of security officers for work.

We hire on a competitive basis 25 years and over men, height above 175 cm, physically strong, served in the army and law enforcement.

When applying for a job as a security guard, the following documents must be submitted:

– passport (and copy of it);

– military card (and copy of it);

– an employment record book (who served in the Armed Forces or law enforcement bodies to provide a certificate of the last three years of service)

Staff recruitment

The selection of employees of LLC “Khirs” is carried out at a high analytical level, taking into account the specifics of our activities. LLC “Khirs” also has a training base for the training of guards, and all participants who passed course and professional training is awarded a qualification and a special certificate. We take into account the professional training and intellect of our future employees, we carry out multifaceted training with them, we are checking their ability to solve any problems in the field of security and protection. Our colleagues know their functional duties well. Protection of trade secrets and liability is an integral part of the duties of our employees.