Limited Liability Company “Khirs” is a private security company which was created by former officers of security agencies and law enforcement agencies who passed the war in DRA and took part in anti-terrorist operations while protecting the Constitutional system in the Republic of Tajikistan.

Spectrum of services

LLC “Khirs” offers its services in the security sphere and guarantees the safety of business activities in the Republic of Tajikistan.
– Physical security of facilities
– Installation and maintenance of CCTV systems and other modern security equipments
– Protection and security procedures in mass entertainment events (concerts, clubs, exhibitions etc.)
– Conducting trainings for employees
– Consultations on safety and security;

Installation and maintenance of technical equipments of security alarm.

LLC “Khirs” builds its work on the principles of high responsibility, trust and honest relations between partners, reliability and performance of functional duties, non-interference in the internal affairs of the client and the preservation of full confidentiality.

Main principles of our work Ensuring are the safety of our customers, preventing the potential threat to life and property of our customers.

Staff recruitment

The selection of employees of LLC “Khirs” is carried out at a high analytical level, taking into account the specifics of our activities. LLC “Khirs” also has a training base for the training of guards, and all participants who passed course and professional training is awarded a qualification and a special certificate. We take into account the professional training and intellect of our future employees, we carry out multifaceted training with them, we are checking their ability to solve any problems in the field of security and protection. Our colleagues know their functional duties well. Protection of trade secrets and liability is an integral part of the duties of our employees.

Technical security of the facility

For more effective security of the facility and exclusion of the possibility of unauthorized access to the facility, the company has the ability to: install and install security alarm systems, access control and installation of CCTV equipment.

An integrated approach to solving the issue of ensuring the security of the facility is a guarantee of your calmness.


Successful performance of the Customer `s contract by the LLC “Khirs” will be guaranteed by the following factors:

– a qualified security team that meets all requirements of the Customer;

– a high level of leadership and control over the security team;

– Awareness of the importance of the work on safety and alive to situations of the Customer’s request.

– The existing administrative staff of LLC “Khirs”, will carry out regular quality checks on the provision of security services

The cost of our services varies depending on the importance and location of facilities in Tajikistan, but it is moderate and quite acceptable for our customers.

Currently, LLC “Khirs” commercially successful and, despite its youth, has experience in protecting important facilities. Among our clients are the Sheraton hotel, banks, medical centers, gas stations, real estate agencies, chain stores, wholesale warehouses, universities, research institutes, etc.

A uniform

The company takes upon itself the timely and full provision of security officers with high-quality and comfortable uniforms (special uniforms) designed for different seasons (winter, summer) and weather conditions according on the corporate ethics of the client. The outward appearance of the employee is the brand identity of not only Khirs LLC, but also the client.

We are ready to cooperate with all who are looking for reliable partners in the field of security and safety, we are ready to offer our services to those who believe in the success and prosperity of the business.