Protection of events is one of the main activities of our agency. The security team of our organization has a great experience in providing services related to order processing and safety in places where mass events are held.

The protection of public order is organized by us at the following mass events:

  • Cultural and sports events (sport competitions, festive performances, concerts, promotions);
  • commercial events (exhibitions, fairs, presentations);
  • business meetings (meetings of shareholders, receptions, conferences);
  • Other mass events (banquets, corporate parties, private parties).

Ensuring the protection of public order at events of various kinds is a fairly common necessity. This is due to the fact that only with the organization of high-quality professional protection can the safety of all citizens participating in the event be ensured. We are ready to guarantee the tranquility and conduct of events in accordance with the approved plan.

Protection of mass events – refers to specific services, the organization of such protection requires the availability of special expertise. Performers working in our security organization have psychological stability, high level of professionalism, therefore they are able to provide all participants of the event with protection from external danger, they are ready to solve local conflicts provoked by someone from the participants of the event.

Such an important service as the organization of the protection of public order should be carried out exclusively by qualified security guards with invaluable experience, familiar with the specifics of the work, of which the agency staff consists.

Protection of order

Public life in any city always consist of mass events. And of course they are accompanied by a large number of people, and, quite often in very small areas. The protection of order in such cases is the primary task of the organizers. Therefore, at each such event, professional guards are always present. They minimize the risks of unforeseen situations.

The organization of the protection of public order must be ensured at all cultural and sporting events, at mass festivals, both private and public, at all mass gatherings and processions, as well as during various corporate holidays and meetings.

Ensuring the protection of public order in most cases is entrusted to employees of security agencies who already have experience of such work and all the necessary resources and skills to ensure the safe conduct of mass events. Participation in such tasks is conducting by professionals who are ready to perform all tasks assigned to them rigorously and accurately, thanks to which, a good result could be achieved. Measures to protect public order are as follows:

– organization of a best quality pass system;

– withdrawal at the entrance of any weapons, explosives, alcohol, drugs and other prohibited items;

– ensuring the protection of property of citizens who are on the territory of the event;

– guidance and maintenance of order in the zone of action of the controlled event.

So, it is best to entrust the protection of public order during various kinds of mass events to a professional security company.